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Eat better. Play Harder. Live Healthier.
Eat better. Play Harder. Live Healthier.

Small Chef Salad                                                     

Romaine or Shredded Lettuce                             Choice of Fresh Fruit:  

Baby Carrots                                                            Apple, Orange, Tangerine, Pear,   

Tomatoes                                                                  Banana, Cantaloupe, or

Cucumbers                                                               Honey Dew Melon  

Shredded Cheeses

1/2 Egg                                                            

Diced Turkey                                                          Choice of Milk w/ Complete Meal

3 pks. Whole Wheat Crackers                               1% White, Skim White, Skim Chocolate,

1pk of Croutons                                                            Skim Vanilla, or Skim Strawberry

Low Fat Salad Dressing