Inabinette Richardson Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
ELA/ Reading, Health, Math, Science, Social Studies

  • BS Degree in Early Childhood Education 83-SCSU

  • Master of Education 86-SCSU

  • Master plus 30-89


I have been teaching for 33 years in the elementary school. I have experience with teaching Pre-K, first-third grades and a half semester with fifth grade. I am currently teaching Pre-K with 13 years of experience AND LOVING IT!


Hello Sheridan Superstar!


I am Ms. I. Richardson. I attended South Carolina State University where I obtained my B.S. and my MS. degree in Early Childhood Education plus 30 hrs. I am the Pre-K teacher at Sheridan Elementary School. I have been teaching for 33 years and teaching Pre-K for 13 years. Teaching is my life and what aspire me to get up early every morning! I want to welcome you all to the Pre-K I-Can-Club where we are Shining for Success!. Here we don't cry, but we try! All we do is WIN! WIN! WIN! (WHAT'SIMPORTANT, NOW!)